Medical Approach

Pioneer in the field of Tinnitus and Vertigo

The unique treatment method was formed following a series of clinical studies began in 1981 at The University Hospital "Hadassah Ein Kerem", Jerusalem in cooperationtinntitus hadassah with the medical school and was later (1986) Hadassah University Hospitalcontinued as a co-production with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The first stage was directed to help tinnitus sufferers who came to "Hadassah Ein Kerem" Hospital. The aim of the second stage in the study, which included the army, was to help soldiers suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and Chronic Tinnitus who did not respond to the contemporary medical treatments.

At 1990, experts from Tel Aviv University joined as consultants to the research projects in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Statistical Analysis: impressive results

The medical treatment was conducted by Dr. Shemesh on soldiers-otherwise healthy men, serving in infantry corps. The soldiers filled a tinnitus Questioner before coming in to the doctor's office, in order to test the long-term effect of the previous visit, and to prevent the immediate effect of the current visit.

The questioners Analysis of soldiers who were treated according to the concept of metabolic approach showed dramatic improvement in 90% of patients. The questioners of soldiers who were involved in litigation against any insurance institution (Ministry of Security, Private Insurance Company) were not included in the analysis.

The age range was 21 – 55, and most of the sufferers were younger then 30 years. In a civilian population the results are less favorable, because of: older age, concurrent medical conditions and usage of chronic medications – not related to the tinnitus or Vertigo. Some of these medications may be Otto-toxic.

Tinnitus with other related diseases

During the course of treatments it was found that patients suffering from tinnitus along with other related diseases reported of a significant improvement in these diseases.

Among these are: vertigo, dizziness, hyperacusis (noise intolerance), meniere disease and floaters (sensation of having "flies" in the visual field).

My observation is that patients who suffer from vertigo, usually respond quicker then those who have tinnitus. As in other fields in medicine – there are exceptions of slow responders in every population of sufferers.

International reputation

The impressive results, and reports of patients who came to Israel and found here an effective medical treatment, attracted patients from all around the world, Among them are patients from USA, UK, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Swiss, France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Aruba, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy and Arab countries.