Patients Videos

Some of the patients are willing to share openly their experience with other tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness or meiniere's disease sufferers who are still coping with severe medical condition. we hope more patients will tell their stories and help others learn from their experiences.

Dr. Arie Yagoda, Gynecologist & Intra venous Fertilisation (IVF) specialist William R. Hunt, Management Consultant, charlotte, north carolina, USA Dr. Patricia O'donovan, Performer and Artist Gerald Attia (2009), Familey therapist, San Diego, California, USA Gerald Attia (2013), Familey therapist, San Diego, California Mrs. Anatt Cohen Tim Donohue, Musician, San Klemente, California, USA Mrs. Risman Rachel, Teacher Mr. João Carlos Rolo Brito, Bassoons Player, Portugal Mrs. Veronica Walker, USA Mr. Backman Amir, Musician & Oboe Player Mrs. Mark Van Romundent, Aruba resident Mr. Yaacov Cohen, Pensioner Mrs. Estrogano Miryam, Pensioner