Tinnitus cure

The metabolic approach

The metabolic approach which is being taken in this medical clinic can cure many of the tinnitus sufferers. It is important to note that this treatment can not be given to everyone.

Who can be cured?

Tinnitus treatment can cure tinnitus when the following conditions exist:
(1) The medical condition that caused the tinnitus, is a defined disease which have a well known and effective medical treatment.ear tinnitus
(2) The patient is relatively healthy, from physical point of view.
(3) The tinnitus sufferer have high motivation to be cured and not just to achieve some relieve.
(4) The candidate for tinnitus treatment has the psychological resources which will help him to wait until the point of time that he will start to experience a positive change in his medical condition. This resource can be divided to internal psychological energy and the support system – that is the external psychological resources.
(5) The treatment for tinnitus is provided by experienced expert.
(6) The level of maturation of personality of the patient is within the normal range.
(7) The patient can understand the medical instructions and apply them in a positive way.
(8) Stressors are negative factors. Stress induced by a loss of important figure (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Good friend, Wife, Husband, Child), divorce, loss of a job, physical incapacity of new onset (loss of vision, paralysis of a limb) are examples of important stressors.
(9) Many of the effective tinnitus treatments are quite expensive. It sounds unfair, but that is the reality. The financial condition of the sufferer may determine the prognosis of the treatment and the opportunity to cure tinnitus.

Subjective tinnitus

Medical conditions such as acute otitis media, labyrintitis, encephalitis or meningitis as representatives of infectious diseases may include subjective tinnitus. auditory neuromaCholesteatoma (tumor like), auditory neuroma and other cerebellopontine Acoustic neuromaangle tumors are solid tissues that are space occupying lesions and may be detected during the workup for evaluation of subjective tinnitus.

Intracranial hemorrhage is rare, and is divided to bleeding within the brain itself, and can be in the tissue of the brain or in the ventricles. The medical term for that is Intra-axial hemorrhage. Extra-axial hemorrhage means that the bleeding is in the skull. Epidural, sub-dural or sub- arachnoid. The rarity of the appearance is (usually) due to the dramatic clinical picture. Such as head trauma with many major symptoms.

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is another structural abnormality of the brain tissue. Molecules that may induce tinnitus can be classified as medications, drugs or industrial chemicals (Heavy metal poisoning: lead, mercury).

Examples of treatable Endocrinopathies are Diabetes mellitus, Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.

Objective tinnitus

Objective tinnitus can be heard or recorded when Palatal myoclonus is causing irregular sound of pulsation, or turbulent blood flow, usually in arteries, generates pulsations that are synchronized with the heart beats. objective tinnitusExamples are: Plucks inside carotid arteries, blood vessels disease in the brain such as A-V malformation, haemangioma or aneurism.

Anemia is a non specific medical condition and may be associated with subjective tinnitus.objective tinnitus

For some patients after the diagnosis of tinnitus was established and is considered treatable, but in spite of that the sufferer is not cured. It means: if a sufferer have one of the above medical conditions and the medical treatment for tinnitus does not help him to cure tinnitus, he or she should be referred to a treatment with the metabolic approach.

Tinnitus cure according to the metabolic approach

The metabolic approach is considered a treatment for tinnitus cure. This treatment is not suitable for every patient with tinnitus.

Medical examination by a qualified expert

The first step of a sufferer is a medical examination by a qualified expert. In most cases the expert is a medical doctor with specialty in Otolaryngology (Ear Nose and Throat).Usually the expert is interviewing the patient regarding his tinnitus.

Examples of questions are: tinnitus on one ear, tinnitus in both ears, tinnitus related to the head, constant tinnitus sound versus pulsating sound, response to the disease such as effect on the biological cycle, productivity at work, anxiety, ability to focus on reading, and his general health.

Objective medical tests

The expert is examining the patient (ear nose & throat and Neurological examination) and referring him to objective tests (audiogram, ABR or BERA and imaging of the head by MRI of the temporal bone and brain or by MRI). The expert should revise the general health of the patient and his intra-cranial auditory pathways.

Normal objective tests means, that there is no evidence of disease that is related to the tinnitus. The conclusion is that it is possible to apply the metabolic approach.

Theoretical basis

The theoretical basis for the metabolic approach is that our body can cure itself.

Curative mechanisms

In a patient who had a mini-trauma such as small cut-wounds, miniature burns, or even obstruction of small vessels in the heart–a complete recovery can be found. It is obvious that the curative mechanisms of the body can repair the damage.

Even in a group of people who are exposed to high energy noise (such as big explosion, shooting of shells or rockets, amplified sound of giant speakers) only few of them remain with prolonged tinnitus. What happened to the other victims (who are most of the people there)? All the people who are exposed to phonal trauma suffer from tinnitus.

After the beginning of the tinnitus, the curative mechanisms of any individual there are active in repairing the damage.

Spontaneous tinnitus cure

Pubs visitors who are exposed to loud noise of giant speakers report of having tinnitus that lasts few seconds to several hours. What is the explanation for the spontaneous tinnitus cure? How it happens without any tinnitus treatment?

The curative mechanisms of the body succeeded to repair the damage in the unknown sites of the auditory system.

Identify metabolic systems with mild deviation

The principle of applying the metabolic approach is to identify the metabolic systems that failed to take part in the curative process of the damage and enable them to take part in the regeneration of the damage.

The medical workup

This medical work-up include many aspects of the western Internal Medicine.

When the blood tests are completed there are two types of abnormality:
1. Those that deviate from the normal range in a simple way.
2. Those that are within the normal range, but when compared to other results, they are considered abnormal.

The metabolic tinnitus treatment starts with focus on correction of the results type (1), and later the focus is on regulation of the results type (2).

Continuous follow up of the symptoms is important part in the tinnitus treatment and tinnitus cure.