There is hope 

Dear reader
I cannot give you specific medical advice since I never examined you, and such a medical consultation is illegal is Israel. However, I can give you advise regarding the question: what are the next managing steps you should do.

Spontaneous Recovery
In the Israeli Army (IDF: Israel Defense Forces) we tested soldiers who complained of acute tinnitus that lasted 1 month or less. The age range was 18–30 years. After 6 months of waiting, without any medical intervention, 85% of them reported of complete cure.

My conclusion is that there is no need to panic, but also it is impossible to know what is the probability for you. Your age, the cause and your medical history might be different of such a soldier. I offer you to rely on your intuition.

If you feel that you medical condition is becoming worse and worse – it is better to be active in looking for a curative treatment.

First step
The first step you should do is to see an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. A careful examination is important to exclude cerumen in the external ear, infections, changes in ear structure, mal function of the auditory nerve and abnormal function of the balance system, etc. Following a thorough medical examination, the specialist will probably offer a treatment.

Normal test results
There are patients who report that the physician test was normal, but their condition is severe and even getting worse. This is certainly not an easy situation, but it is important to note that normal results should encourage you because it means that there is no severe change in the structure of your brain and nerve number eight. Moreover, this is not the end of the process.

My recommendation at this point is to consult the specialist again and find out if there is any medical treatment according to the ENT TextBook that he can offer.

No improvement
When your condition is severe and treatments given by ENT specialists were useless or specialists have no solution at all, it is the right time to contact me and find out whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

Success rate
Patients tend to ask me "what are the chances that the treatment will help?" In medicine there is no 100% success rate, but based on my experience, in most cases it is possible to reach a significant improvement and even complete cure.

After a short discussion, which will include a series of clinical questions, I will able to evaluate the probability that my medical approach will be suitable for your medical condition. On the basis of that calculation you can decide if this medical approach is good enough for you.

Specific questions
In this website, a lot of effort was made to answer the most common questions. According to my experience, the features of the disease, course, prognosis and associated symptoms are variable. Every sufferer is different from one another. Most probably you have questions that are specific to your unique medical condition.

If you wish to ask me questions – feel free to ask.

Wishing you a quick and complete recovery,

Zecharya Shemesh, M.D.